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Radiation Cocktails: Fact or Fiction?

Human beings often go to extreme lengths to evade death. Each one of us knows that our clock is ticking, and we have only a finite amount of time to figure things out or at least have a good time trying. We obsess about our sleep, our exercise, the pollutants in our...

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How Diets High in Seafood Lead to EHS

It is well-established, common wisdom that overconsumption of anything, natural or unnatural, can and does lead to consequences. While we can all agree that maximizing our exposure to nature, whether it be increased sun, walking barefoot, clean eating, or avoidance of...

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Hidden Dangers of Cold Thermogenesis

Induction of thermogenesis via exposure to cold is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the anti-aging community, not only for weight loss but also for everything from control of inflammation to regulation of blood sugar and pain management. It has been heralded...

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Taming Chaos: The Real Roots of Anxiety

Everyone, to one degree or another, has experienced anxiety at some moment in life. Whether it be butterflies in the stomach prior to speaking in front of a large group of people or the sense of quiet despair when you are demanded to do something you aren’t prepared...

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Our Desperate Need for Visionary Leaders

Very few people can wake up in the morning, consume their daily ration of news, and start their day thinking, “There is so much right with the world! I’m so deeply happy to be a part of the human race!” Now, I am sure there are more than a fair share of individuals...

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